Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's the differences between a spa and a salon?

a salon does your hair or nails a spa gives you a jacuzzi, etcWhat's the differences between a spa and a salon?
a spa contributes to your whole body. rejuvanting and relaxing. while a salon generally does three things mani, pedi, and hairWhat's the differences between a spa and a salon?
Spa = more WHOLE body treatments and massages - aimed purely on relaxation and skin health. Normally go for an entire day or a weekend.

Salon = hair or beauty, normally focusses on one part of the body at a time eg. hair, nails or back massage. Less relaxing overall - many women just ';pop'; to a salon in a lunchbreak!

Spa is more about like walking about for a day, getting pampered. Whereas a salon is like, you make an appointment and get made up :)
spa- you relax, get facials, get massages, pedicures, manicures, etc.

salon- get your hair done (dyed, cute, etc.)

if nail salon you get your nails done

if barber shop it's for guys
a spa is when they do facials, massages, sometimes manicure pedicure... a salon is all about hairrr

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