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Acne treatment at at a spa? salon? dermatologist?

Does anyone know of what kind of treatment I could get on my back for acne that I cannot reach and is really bothering me? I have tried all home treatments. Proactive, natural, everything.....What can I get at a salon?Acne treatment at at a spa? salon? dermatologist?

Most times the spa will give your back a deep cleansing which includes a steam treatment, exfoliation and extractions. They will also do a mask on your back, being as that you are prone to acne it will be suited for the acne. They may also have some type of peel.

Whatever you decide I KNOW most spas should be able to treat your problem. Pretty easy not the end o f the worldAcne treatment at at a spa? salon? dermatologist?
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If you鈥檙e looking for accurate acne information, best to see a dermatologist. Some people believe doctors are predisposed to take the easy way to deal with acne鈥?prescription drugs. But, with many, this simplistic answer may not be the appropriate course of action. Some feel that such prescription drugs just treat the symposium and not the underlying cause. But, a local dermatologist is still your best starting point.

For me personally, I discovered a great informational acne treatment site. Not only is there good information/articles but I got their audio e-book and following it鈥檚 advice can now say that my acne is a thing of the past! Keep in mind, were all different and there are various types of acne, so what works for some may not be totally effective for all.

Bottom line, hang in there, you will get past this! Sincere best wishes and good luck.

Oh, by the way the site that helped me is:


I have a teen aged brother and me who have struggled with Acne for years...we tried many things, including Proactive and prescription medicines as well. Then, we found the solution.

Please don't shrug it off because this can help you a lot.

I was searching through the Internet and found www.acne.org. The site is owned by a guy named Dan. Dan, struggled with acne as well. He read medical books and tried many things on the market. Then, he found the way. BENZYL PEROXIDE! Now, I bet you have used it many times before but it hasn't done much right? Well, the reason is because everything on the market is 5% or 10% Benxyl Peroxide. These irritate your skin which causes MORE acne! (Touching it irritates it as well which causes more acne.) There is one thing on the market that has non irritating Benzyl Peroxide....2.5% Benzyl Peroxide. Netrogena on the Spot Acne Cream has 2.5. Nothing else on the market. You can get stuff on the Internet that have 2.5%! It is also on the site www.acne.org.

The regimen includes: First washing your face with a cleanser (suggested ones are on the site)

Then, drying and adding LARGE AMOUNTS or Benzyl Peroxide. In the beginning very little but you rank it up to 2 fingers after time.

Last, you moisturize, because the Benzyl Peroxide may dry up your skin. Suggested ones are on the website as well.

Go to www.acne.org and read about the clear skin regimen.


He just wants to help. I have clear skin and so does Dan. There is also a forum where you can read more. The site teaches you how to pop a zit the right way and to find out other products that have work well.

I hope I Helped!

(My brother who is also a teen is clear as well. This regimen takes about 8 weeks to be completely clear but you will see gradually the acne go away. There is no cure for acne, so you have to do the regimen every day until acne goes away.)

well try laser sugery or stem treatment
Yes, a dermatologist would be a good idea. However, you must also realize that acne is not just about the external. In fact, acne results from imbalances and/or deficiancies within the body. Treat the internal cause of the acne, and your acne will lessen or even disappear. The problem with Proactive and so many other acne creams is that they only treat the surface of the skin, but not the actual underlying problem. The causes for such imbalances/deficiencies can vary depending on the individual, but the following are most common:

1.) Hormonal imbalance during adolescense

2.) Diet- injesting too much sugar, saturated %26amp; trans fat can cause it, as well as preservatives, chemicals in food, and highly processed foods (breads,crackers,chips, ect.) because these throw your body chemistry out of whack. Some people are very sensitive to carbohydrates, so they must take care to consume low glycemic foods and healthy fats.%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; Personal Story- when I cut ALL sugar and processed carbs (breads, crackers, chips, ect.) out of my diet and ate primarilly lean meats and vegetables while supplementing with cod liver oil, my acne cleared up and my skin glowed!

3.) Lack of omega 3 fatty acids in diet and/or imbalance of Omega 6 vs. Omega 3. Omega 3's can be found in fatty fish, flax seed, and walnuts. If you hate fish and are afraid of the calories in walnuts, a teaspoon of flaxseed oil a few times a day with meals will help.

4.) Wheat/gluten and/or Dairy intollerance. Many people are slightly allergic to foods high in gluten such as wheat (common), as well as dairy products and this can manifest itself as acne. The best test to see if your acne is wheat/gluten/dairy related is to cut out all wheat products and other gluten-containing grains and or dairy for 2 weeks. If this doesn't drastically improve your acne, it will definately help your body to take on a more lean appearance. *Note- Many people are hesistant to cut dairy due to calcium concerns. Dairy is not the only source of calcium. In fact, dark green vegetables are a superior source to dairy products. I purchased a Jack LaLane Juicer and I juice Kale and collard greens 2x per day as well as eating organic baby green salad 3-4X a day and it has seriously cleared my acne up as well as providing tons of energy!

Feel free to e-mail me for more info. or if you have any questions...I'm a personal trainer, so I enjoy helping people. I found out all this stuff through my own research as I was getting fed up with acne just like you and I was frustrated that nothing seemed to work.

Take care! -grlinwhite
Proactiv solution has body wipes that works like a charm.

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