Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweet 16 at a spa/salon in nyc?

Hi im turning 16 in november and i would like to have me and 3 friends go to a spa in nyc and get facials and massages. i would also like to get our hair and makeup done then go out to dinner?? anyone have any sugestions of a spa?? thankssssSweet 16 at a spa/salon in nyc?
Look up ';Princess Star Spa NYC'; on google.



';I went to a Bachelorette SPA Party that was held by STAR SPA and it was great. They brought champagne, massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures wherever you are. They are a mobile Spa Service and they made the house look amazing. I am already married but I would recommend them to anyone planning a bachelorette party. Their website is www.starspany.com. They are also a vendor on LIWEDDINGS.COM. Check them out... ';

http://www.liweddings.com/chat/topic.asp鈥?/a>Sweet 16 at a spa/salon in nyc?
oh great idea for a sweet 16. The best around is the Mandarin Oriental spa, but its gonna cost you, its about $1000 each. Otherwise there is the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spa that is nice. After I would go out to dinner around Soho.

Have Fun

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