Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Spa/Salon owners?

Hi I need some help from some experienced, non-biased, successful day spa/salon owners.

My sister in law and I have decided to open a day spa/salon/accessory boutique. I need help trying to figure out how to make finances fair between the two of us. I have ran a construction business for the last 7 years (accounting, banking, taxes, etc.), my sister in law is a hair stylist. So she is going to be part owner and keep her job being hair stylist and help when her schedule allows with running the salon. I am going to be part owner, running the salon, and doing retail, taxes, accounting etc. She will obviously have the steady income of her clients, but I will have to leave my positon with my construction company and devote my time to the new spa. How will I get paid? How do you handle finances with a partnership? Bc I dont have clients I dont have a steady income but I feel like I am managing the spa. Please advise. Thank you.Day Spa/Salon owners?
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