Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can you go to any reputable spa and salon to get a ';Brazilian';? Does it hurt?

Most of them should do it- but call and see. Although maybe it's not something people talk about (or maybe they do) you might want to ask around to people who have had it done and where. YOu can usually narrow down a good place by this method.

I have been looking in to doing this because I hate the stubble and I have gotten several recommendations on one place in my city. They were told that your hair had to be a certain length- like if you shave now you will have to let it grow in about 1/4 in. And several people have recommended using a numbing cream that you can get at most drug stores. I don't know that name of it but you can ask at the drug store. You put it on before you go and it helps to numb the skin so it is less painful. I hear this is better than tylenol etc because those types of medication can thin your blood a bit (not sure if this is true) and you might bleed more (if there is any bleeding).

Good luck. I hope I get brave enough to do this as well.Can you go to any reputable spa and salon to get a ';Brazilian';? Does it hurt?
Not all salons do this. Ring before you go and make an appointment. It smarts, but I wouldn't say as painful as having your legs waxed. Beware the ingrowing hairs about 2 weeks later!! Make sure you exfoliate before you go and every day afterwards!Can you go to any reputable spa and salon to get a ';Brazilian';? Does it hurt?
You should call first. It does hurt, but it is well worth it. Take Advil/Tylenol before you go and try to relax. It will hurt less if you do it more frequently. You should find someone with whom you are at ease because it will be easier to be comfortable.
id say so
If its a wax.. um yeah it does hurt when they peel it off but be careful because when they use that stuff, they use it on everyone else so you should do it yourself. Too many stds going around.
Yes. It isn't the most comfy thing to get done, but it is over fast.
oh, yeah!
Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa does it and does a good job. I'm not gonna lie, it hurts. Take Tylenol before you go. Totally worth it though. It also hurts WAY less the second time and a little less than that every time after because your hair thins out.
yes and it hurts like hell
Yes, Call before and make an appointment. Yes it hurts like hell.

What I do is, use Veet bladeless razors, leave on for 3 mins, It works very well, doesnt work and not to many bumps. If its not all gone then just use a razor for the rest, but it should be!

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