Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Spa/ Salon owners I need your help?

Hi :) Im opening a day spa/salon in a little city in AZ (we have 1 main highway and 1 parkway the cuts over town), there are hair salons and asian nail places on every corner and 1 very old ';day spa'; where they offer massages, facials and body wraps. I will be offering hair, nails, massage, estitician, spa room etc. I am trying to bring a classy nice relaxing place to my little city, I was born and raised here and like the finer things in life, many friends, neighbors and business people are looking very forward to me opening. My problem I have 2 locations and need help picking the one that makes the most business sense.

Building #1...Is on a side road off the main hwy across the street from a side exit of a Super Wal-Mart center, its a beautiful brand new building but semi close to some old apartments and a big Dollar General building is next to this one. The other units in this building are leased by a restaurant, winery, mortgage office, and pottery place.

Building #2...Is a very nice 2 story strip mall on the main hwy the upper level is all office units and the lower level consists of big retail units. The other units that are being leased are a asian nail shop, a clothing boutique, a hair salon, a restaurant, anything medical, farmers ins, a lighting store and several others.

We are worried with 1 bc of location and 2 bc the competing hair and nails.

Please advise thank you :)Day Spa/ Salon owners I need your help?
i don't own a business but i would go to the 1st place (Walmart will attract more customers)

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