Saturday, August 21, 2010

SIMS Open for Business- Beauty Salon and Spa?

I open a salon and spa in the game and I was under the impression that I would be doing sims' hair and makeup etc and making them over. However, there doesn't seem to be an option for this!?? They just go straight out to the spas. And when I try to click on the mirrors and benches nothing comes up... Is it because I got rid of the old ratty looking brown barber shop chairs that were in there originally? Are these chairs required to makeover the customers?

HELP please!SIMS Open for Business- Beauty Salon and Spa?
yeah sadly you do neet to use the ratty old barber chairs, you need to get your sim to be a stylist by click the barber chair and then click on a chair then select ';offer makeover to sim'; thens select the sims name and then they will come over and sit in the chair, your sim wil then performa make over, during the make over it will either have another screen pop up where you can change the customer sims hair and makup

but sometimes if your hairdresser sim is only a newbie, they will sometimes stuff the make over up and put make up like a clown all over the customer sims face, if this happens you just have to keep trying to offer a makeover ot that sim until you get the window with the apperance changer like the hair and makeup

if you dont like the colours of the barber chairs try downloading some different colours, here is a link below to a download for some, you need to sign up to downloadSIMS Open for Business- Beauty Salon and Spa?
I really never did the whole Beauty Salon thing, but I think that you need to leave those chairs as they are required, also maybe it's best to leave the spa out for right now and see if the Sims are only attracted to the spa. Sometimes if you take an object away they will go to do other things like go get their hair or makeup done. Also the Sims seem to love to use the spa.

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