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What can I wear for a job interview at a Beauty salon & SPA ??

Im interviewing for a receptionist position at a Beauty Salon and SPA.. I have never really worked at a beauty salon, so I really am clueless on what should be appropriate for the interview... Help !


I really really want to get this job .. any advise on what would help me get it ??

What can I wear for a job interview at a Beauty salon %26amp; SPA ??…

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GL!What can I wear for a job interview at a Beauty salon %26amp; SPA ??
Just wear a nice somewhat dressy outfit. Once you start working at the spa or salon, you will have to dress up everyday, so wear something that you feel you would wear to work. This will show the employer what to expect from you if they were to hire you. As long as you look nice, neat, and cleaned up they should hire you, as long as you fit the job requirements.

And something to do to try and get the job is just to be yourself. Be very friendly and smile a lot. Chat with the interviewer, but dont be too chatty.

Good luck!!!
Go with something very simple, yet elegant.

As far as the interview goes, try emphasize your eagerness to help and ability to learn quickly. Try to highlight various abilities or skills you've acquired that will help you in filling the position:

-Courteous customer service over the phone and in person


-Remaining calm under busy or hectic situations


Good luck and have fun!
Don't over-do it- it should be kind of business casual... minimal, but classy. The general dress code for a spa is black.

I would probably wear a pair of black skinny pants with a slouch at the bottom and a pair of wedge shoes, with a cute collared shirt. The pants could also be maybe a pair of black floods or a pair of capri's maybe with a flat shoe. I wouldn't wear a pair of pants that go above the knee or a skirt or dress. And if you're going to wear heels, I would stick with a wedge shoe- if your heels are too thin or high, you'll end up looking like a hooker!

Hope this helps!
Have you been to the beauty salon before? If you have, did you notice what the employees were wearing? Take clues from that. I will mention that typically the cosmetic standard is to wear black, but this varies from company to company. Also, when it comes to your makeup keep it simple and approachable. Less is more.
I think the main thing you want to do is to style your hair, your nails, and your face. It would help show them that you have real potential and that you strive for beauty, daily.

As for the outfit, you could wear something simple and casual, but still professional. Such as, a collared shirt and a skirt with nice open-toed high heels. Or a nice and cute blouse with jeans or nice pants with flip flops.
id wear formal pants and a short sleeve white shirt for any interview.

make sure your hair and makeup looks amazing, make sure u get your eyebrow and lip waxed a couple of days before and paint ur fingernails (and toenails if showing). As this shows you are interested in fashion and beauty, i know the first thing my boss does is look at toenails if they are showing.
for a top i would do somthin like this:…

then a nice blazer…


nice heels…

a cute bracelt…

and your bag

simple chic but not boring!

Black Slacks, not too tight, not too baggy.

Nice fitted button up

heels or wedges, which ever look best with the pants.

Make sure your hair is done, and your hands look nice! Not too much makeup(natural is best)
Something classy and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!
Just dress casually. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard...... maybe some nice skinny jeans and a cute little top. Nothing fancy...
Wear a nice classy dress. Act confident and be yourself.
A suit never hurts anything...
Some Smart Black Trousers And A White Shirt.. Average Black Heels.. Simple But Effective
wear something simple but chic. Black is good.

they dont care how pretty u look az long as you look clean and profensional

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