Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Seattle a good place to open up a salon/day spa?

There currently are several profitable spas in Seattle. The question of opening a spa up will be answered in your business plan. Have you defined who your target market is, what type of a spa you will have? Day Spa, Salon Spa, Medical Spa? Do you have a location in mind? Is it Residential? Tourist area? Business Area? As a Salon/Spa you will be needing more of a residential area, take a look at the area you are thinking of and see who the competition is, how are they advertising, where are their clients coming from. Do your homework first. Make sure you have adequate capital to start the business, equipment, training, advertising. The business plan will set you in the right direction and give you the correct choice for you.Is Seattle a good place to open up a salon/day spa?
It all depends on the location. I was in Seatle this past summer and I thuoght that place sucked not only were the people not personable they were just plain weird, and the city its self pretty much sucked too. I mean there were some good places, but most of the city was a dump I thought.Is Seattle a good place to open up a salon/day spa?
Ive lived in seattle my whole life.. i'd say it would if you were trying to get more upper class customers...
it could be. it rains 80% of the year, so you will either get a lot of business cuz of that, or because the weather is so bad no one will go out.

its not a good placu may not get enough buisness
im not from there im from NY but in my opinion, anywhere should be a good place to open one of those because there are ALWAYS women everywhere that need to be pampered once in a while. I think the KEY to having a sucessful one of those is to keep the prices low and keep the spirits high so people want to go there and feel good about it, and dont feel like theyre walking into a place where they spend all their money for little results and feel like they are being judged by an obnoxious staff..
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