Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cool, hip, fun name for a Spa & Salon?

I am trying to get everything sorted to open my own salon %26amp; spa in the next year. I could use some awesome ideas for a name. A friend has a place %26amp; her's is called ';The Big Tease';. I love this name %26amp; I want something just as fun %26amp; cute.

Any ideas or suggestions?Cool, hip, fun name for a Spa %26amp; Salon?
People are always intrigued by places that sound foreign or exotic....


How about ~

';La Fuite Spa'; (The Getaway)

';S่Œ…r่Œ…nit่Œ…'; (Serenity)

If you want to tweak around with some of your ideas, you can use this translator:


Sorry...I didn't realize someone had already suggested ';The Getaway'; ...didn't mean to be a copycat.Cool, hip, fun name for a Spa %26amp; Salon?
Spikky or Queendales
[name]'s Trixx or [name]'s Spalon Hope this helps and goood luck with your business.
here are some suggestions:

-The getaway.

-SPArty [like PARTY, but fun and has SPA in it]
The Journey

Her home

the 'do (i know sorta cheesy)
High Lights

Got Beauty?

Seen it Yet?

Got It?

Another Style

I dk im not gud at this:) iat least i tried:) gud luck!!!!
u should name it superstar styles

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