Thursday, August 5, 2010

Any opinions on La Bella Nail Spa Salon in Santa Clara, CA?

This salon opened close to my house. It looks amazing from inside and outside. I'm a bit skeptical of going to a new place but I really want to try it out...I wondered if anyone out there have tried it out already. I went to another salon and they had those whirlpool chair and I am convinced that I got an infection from there but I love to get pedicures.Any opinions on La Bella Nail Spa Salon in Santa Clara, CA?
La Bella Nail Spa Salon??? If you are talking about the one located at 5145 Stevens Creek Blvd, in Santa Clara, then there's an answer for you. Do you live behind Bed, Bath, and Beyond??? Because that's where I live!!! Yeah, I was excited when La Bella Nail Spa came to my neighborhood. I used to drive way toward the North for a nails and pedicure and been meaning to find place close by. So when they opened I tried their services. I can't even describe in words how good their pedicures are. I have tried them twice already. I had their Signature Pedicure and oh my felt soooo gooooodd... I also came back for the Stone Pedicure..and...I love that too! Oh..and they also did a great job on my nails..Pink and White Gell refills baby..and they also did an amazing job. Both My and Juli rock! I am a repeat more thing..other places..rush you through a technician you're a product but here they take their time with you. And their place is absolutely amazing, the place is clean, smells wonderful and I love their pedicure chairs...and it's NOT a rest assure you be getting your money's worth. They have a commitment to cleanliness so don鈥檛 worry..you鈥檙e be happy at here. Try them out, you鈥檒l see.

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